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Real Estate Gallery


Through our partners, we are able to offer you a complete range of services throughout Budapest and most of Hungary:

Services Offered:

  • Budapest Property Search Service
  • Property Management in Budapest
  • Mortgage Loans, Insurance and Legal Representation (R.E.)
  • Where to Buy
  • Vacation Rental
  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Rental
  • Lots
  • Commercial
  • Castles
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    Budapest is a lovely capital city divided into districts on both sides of the Danube. Each of these districts have their own characteristics, style and price range. It would be impossible to be thoroughly familiar with all - but in order to serve our clients, we've formed partnerships with real estate agencies throughout Budapest.

    Each of these offices are experts in their districts, familiar with the trends and properties. This is why we say, Budapest Resources is your one stop real estate service center. We have already found the real estate offices for you that are best suited to help you in the district(s) you are interested.

      Why Invest in Budapest

    Hungary had always been a country of trade, one of the first of the communist block countries to allow private enterprize, and is once again a gateway between Europe and the East, but now part of the EU.

    The many budget airlines operating in Europe it is only a matter of a couple of hours to reach. If you are considering vacation property - it can be utilized often. If investment property for rental, it is close enough to monitor (although Budapest resources offers Property Management services).

    Business and banking systems are not unlike other parts of Europe so it is also suitable for opening a branch office.

      Cost of Doing Business

    Prices are rapidly catching up with the rest of the EU countries. Expect to pay between 650 - 4,000 Euros per square meter of property, depending on the location and contiditon of the property.

    Transfer taxes - up to the amount of 16,000Euros it is 2%, and 6% of the amount above that.

    Agent fees Vary between 3 - 4%. Buyer's agent who represent only the buyer may be retained and fees are by agreement.

    Attorney's Fees 1 - 2%. Chose an attorney familiar with the world beyond the borders and will also provide you with an English language contract as part of the services performed. If you don't, you may likely end up paying for a translation in order to understand your transaction.


    Hungary is becoming familiar with mortgages but the rates do not favor the foreign buyer.


    Unless you are intending to purchase producing land, as a foreigner you will have no problem purchasing real estate or building lot(s).

    Permissions are required of individuals, a relatively simple procedure that may take up to several months for a fee of approximately 250 Euros in application fee.

    Applications are scrutinized when an individual buyer wishes to purchase several properties. The reason is that while the city is fairly certain the prospective buyer will be renting them, it has no clear way to monitor it, thus potentially losing out on revenue.

      Overcoming Restrictions

    Perhaps the simplest way to do so is to form a small company. There are several types (Bt., Kft., Rt.) but if your only purpose is to be able to freely buy property a Bt . is quite sufficient.

    Setting up a Bt. is quick and inexpensinve. For the practical purpose of being able to purchase, you need only to have the documents prepared then submitted and a bank account opened. This can be done within 3 days even if there is a long week-end involved.

    Buyer's Agent/Search Agent
    How can you justify the extra expense of paying for a Buyer's agent? Easily. This is one expense that may save you money. Real estate agents by the definition of their compensation work for the seller - since it is the seller that pays their commission.

    When you hire an agent to represent you - the buyer - the agent will look out for your interest alone and present you ONLY with choices that would best suit your demands and situation.

    Being familiar with a city, the business trends and knowing what is available on the market is a complex issue. It takes time and effort to stay on top of it and if you don't have the time to do the research yourself - it is well worth it to hire someone to do it for you.

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    BudapestResources can help you through the entire process of selection and purchase of the home of your choice by negotiating the contract for you, providing an attorney (or choice of attorneys) who speak English, handling the paperwork, securing a mortgage if that is necessary, and connecting you with an insurance representatives to protect your property.

    Weather you are looking to purchase, rent, investment property, in need of property management for your existing property, or commercial purchase/rental, we welcome your inquiries.

    Please keep in mind that listings are a small sampling of available properties. We have access to ALL available properties in Budapest through association with other companies. We've saved the effort for you to have to look for other agencies by already having done it. For information on any of the properties, or additional requests, please call Julie or Zita at 20.334.0356 or e-mail us at

    Partial Listings of the Real Estate Gallery:

  • Vacation Rental
  • Residential Sales
  • Res. Rental
  • Lots
  • Commercial
  • Castles
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