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Travel Information - a Survival Guide for Travelers

Arrival in Budapest

*If you are arriving by air, the most economic and reliable way to get into town is the Airport Minibus.

As you walk into the terminal with your suitcases in your possession, you need only to walk a few steps to their counter. Give your name and the location you are going to and shortly they will have you on your way in a comfortable, air conditioned minibus. If your trip is 3 months or less, purchase a round trip ticket for extra savings.

When you are ready to return to the airport, phone Airport Minibus 24 hours in advance to make your reservations. (296-8555, -8993, -6283) One-way ticket per person is 3,000HUF, round-trip ticket per person is 5,000HUF. Discounts available for groups of 10 or more passengers.

*Tele5Taxi Airport transfer with fixed prices - Budapest-Ferihegy from 3,490HUF; Information and Reservation: 06.20.555.5555, 06.30.355.5555

* Airport Pick-up is includedif you schedule a city excursion or any other tour with Exclusive City Tours. A fleet of luxury cars are at your service whether you arrive by air, rail, hydrofoil or any other means. Customized city and country tours with a professional tour guide (offered in major languages) - airport pick-up is free if you purchase a tour.

Taxi Companies
Tele5 Taxi -- 355 5555
Taxi4 -- 444 4444
Radio Taxi -- 377 7777
Fő Taxi -- 222 2222
City Taxi -- 211 1111
Budataxi -- 233 3333
6x6 Taxi -- 266 6666

Getting Around on Public Transportation

Other than your own two feet you can choose between trams, trolley buses, buses and three metro lines. Tickets are available at metro entrances in (pénztár) booths.


The fifty-year-old Budapest trams are still functional (although change is coming as the inventory will be swapped out with new vehicles in the coming years). They squeak and groan, but keep on running on the main radial and riverside routes on both sides of the Danube and several of the bridges. The ticket is validated by a punch- or electronic machine on board. Don't forget to push button next to the door if you want to board or exit (doors do not automatically open.


Trolleybuses (Trolibusz)
There were 13 trolleybus routes added to round out the public transport system after World War II. The launch was coordinated with Stalin's 70th birthday. The old USSR made trolleybuses are slowly being replaced with new IKARUS vehicles. Don't forget to push the button next to the door if you want to exit or board the vehicles.

The buses in Budapest are frequent and fast. There is an express service on some routes, and such express buses with red numbering travel the same route as the normal ones (numbered in black), but they stop at only major stops on the route. The super express buses travel without stopping between destinations and may be recognized by red numbering followed by a red letter E. Tickets are validated in the hand- or electronic puncher on board. Don't forget to push the button next to the door if you wish to exit or board the vehicle - bus will not stop automatically, unless a signal request was made.

Metro Budapest has three underground metro lines intersecting at Deák tér:
M1, the little yellow line from Vörösmarty tér to Mexikói út. The first subway in Continental Europe.

M2, the red line from Déli train station to Örs vezér tere.

M3, the blue line from Újpest-Központ to Kőbánya-Kispest.

*Metro Section Ticket - valid for 3 stops on the Metro without changing lines. (290HUF)
*Metro Section Transfer Ticket - valid for 5 stops with one line transfer if needed. (240HUF)

*Metro Transfer Ticket - valid for as many stops as needed with one line change if necessary. (450HUF)

If you want to use more than just the Metro, your best bet is one of the following:

*Single Tickets. Valid on all public transport including the HEV 9suburban railway), within the Budapest citylimit. Valid for one uninterrupted journey. Books of 10 or 20 tickets may be more economical. DO NOT tear the tickets out of the book, use them in tact.

*New buses are equipped with ticket vending machines. The cost for these tickets is 290HUF, and machines take exact change only.

*Day passes cost 1,500 HUF.

*Weekly (4,400HUF) and monthly (9,000HUF) passes are also available - the latter requiring a photo ID. 30 day passes without photo ID may also be purchased during the month - but be careful and treat this as cash. Without a photo ID, if these are stolen they may be used by anyone.

Validate your own ticket (with daily/weekly/monthly passes it is not necessary) in the orange boxes at Metro entrances or the red, manually operated red punch boxes located on buses and trans. Put our ticket in the slot with the arrow pointing down, then pull the black knob toward yourself. Most public transportation operates between 4 a.m. - 11 p.m., night service is less frequent than daytime.

Emergency Numbers 112 (Calls also taken in English, German and other foreign languages)

Police: 107 (Calls also taken in English, German and other foreign languages)

Ambulance: 104 (Calls also taken in English, German and other foreign languages, If there is no answer at 104, you may also dial 311 1666).

There are three main train stations within Budapest - Nyugati, Keleti and Deli. All stations are Metro accessible and there is also a MAV Hungarian Railways office open weekdays at Andrassy ut 35 (461-5500). Domestic and foreign timetables are listed at

Suburban Rail Please check the direction of travel and time table at the BKV link

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