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Festivals in Budapest this Summer

F1 Hungarian Grand Prix Budapest, July 22-24, 2016 (Hungaroring)

Qualifying runs begin on the 22nd and the race is held on the 24th in the town of Mogyoród approximately 20 km northeast of Budapest.

General Admission tickets for the week-end are as follows: adult 90EUR, child 45EUR

Tickets for Sunday only: adult 80EUR, child 40 EUR
All other race information and VIP ticket and purchase opportunities are found on the home page for the race.

Be prepared: You will be outdoors for several hours, bring sunglasses, sun screen, hat and water, an umbrella just in case. You may purchase drinks and food at the race but as with all such events the prices will reflect the convenience. Bring it with you from home or a neighborhood grocery to save.

Race coordinates: N 47° 35′ 0.5″ E 19° 14′ 33.45″
You will need a highway pass for your vehicle for the highway. May be purchased at gas stations.

Hungarian Grand Prix organizers provide free buses for those who have valid GP tickets. Buses depart from Árpád Bridge (Volánbusz station, at the M3 metro stop), taking visitors to the center of Mogyoród. Unfortunately, from there you still have a 40 minute hike to the track.

An additional transportation choice is suburban railway from Örs vezér Square. There is a stop for the Hungaroring but from there you must walk on a dirt road to the track. By getting off at the Szilasliget stop you walk to the track on a paved road for approximately 30 minutes. You may purchase ticket for the HÉV at the ticket office on Örs vezér Square.


Margaret Island is once again hearing the sound of music from the Open Air Theater. The program is varied and enjoyable with well known performers. The venue has been hosting classical opera and ballet performances, rock operas and musicals in the past. If you don't want to go far, or into a theater - check the schedule for the remaining performances. Be sure you take a sweater (or even a coat as the night may get chilled by the river).

Getting There You may take a boat to the Water Tower stop on the Island, or take 4/6 tram to the Island, walk to the bus stop and take the Island bus to the Water Tower.

Tickets may be purchased from Szabadtér Színház Jegyiroda, 1065 Budapest, Nagymező u. 68., or in the Városháza Park (close to Deák tér).


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