Recommended Books from Amazon Books


See the city and the countryside with confidence with these wonderful maps.


Read Hungary's leading English language weekly business magazine.

A beautiful book of food introduced through the regions of Hungary and the specialties that come from there.


Read it in the words of Imre Kertesz before or after seeing the movie.


One of the renditions of the now infamous modern day Hungarian bandits.



Read about the source of the latest uncovered controversy.



A thorough guide of Budapest and Hungary.

Be as the book claims -- Streetwise in Budapest


This book was truly a labor of love from the Diamonds.  The second book encompasses all the basics of the first, plus the experience and statistics of the two decades since the first.


As the skeptic I tried to catch up with the revolution and lost
 7 kg in the first month.  It required less discipline than Fit For Life, which worked wonders for me in the 80's and my Mother still swears by.