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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain

It was back in 1979 that Dr. Betty Edwards published the book on the topic it had been on the NY Times best seller list, translated into 13 languages and sold 2.5 million copies. There must be truth to her theory that anyone can draw with the proper instructions, activating the talents in our right brain.

Although the focus of the workshop is on drawing, absolutely no previous art training or special talent for drawing is necessary.

If you are interested in testing your abilities you may do it right here in Budapest. Elvira Gábos who is now a freelance instructor comes to the arts with a civil engineering background and a love for drawing from her childhood. She’s found the skills to improve her talents and wants to help others do the same.

Classes in September will be: September 9 – 12, September 23 – 26. Classes are small where individual attention is guaranteed and all materials are provided. Cost for the 4 day class/workshops is 50,000 HUF.

Please contact Ms. Gábos directly to register or for further information: or by phone: 20.808.7073

Brief description of the courses:

1) Drawing on the right size of the Brain (Betty Edwards method)

The method was developed by American art teacher Betty Edwards in the early 1970s. The basic idea of this method is that the two halves of the human brain perceives reality differently-in its own way.

The left half of the brain is the verbal one and is responsible for rationalism and the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity. The two modes of processing information tend to interfere with each other and, preventing maximal performance.

During the 4 days of this course I give you tasks that the dominant left brain either can’t or won’t do so that we can develop the capabilities of the right hemisphere and thus your drawing. The multiple effects of the exercises of the course are enhancing your confidence in decision making and problem solving. The capabilities you have acquired will remain effective forever.

The method is applicable for persons older than 14 as the development of the two halves of the human brain and the division of tasks between them ends by this age.

With the help of this method everybody will be able to draw realistic portraits (or anything else) by the end of the fourth day.

2) Introduction to the use of colors in painting

Painting course for beginners. The curriculum was developed by me.

1st day: color theory, different harmonies in color, exercises in mixing colors

2nd day: training the eyes: seeing the effects of light, hues, intensity of colors

3rd and 4th day: explaining the technique of pastel and watercolor. Exercises and painting clouds, water, buildings, flowers, landscapes, still-lives, fantasy .

3.) Developing courses for those who have completed course No.1

3.a Drawing a live model in charcoal or Conté crayon

3.b. Drawing a still life of different objects in Conté crayon

3.c. Representing different materials in drawing
Drawing wood, concrete, ceramic, steel objects, feather, furry animals in graphite, charcoal, color pencil..

3.d. Introduction to the laws of perspective
Explanation with the help of large visual aids. Drawing different spatial objects, cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones, circles, arranged spaces, buildings with graphite

4. Painting groups held weekly
Can be organized and started from September, either for beginners or for those with some practice. The curriculum can be adapted to the wish of the participants. One possibility is a free painting course with my instructions. Another possibility is a step-by-step development of the creativity getting to know different styles and materials each month.

5. Summer painting courses
The activity can be decided depending on the interest of the participants- combining the elements of the above-mentioned courses.

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