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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

Budapest Spring Festival 2006. . . . March 17 - April 2

Budapest Spring Festival 2006 - Mozart, Bartók

It is an exceptional gift but at the same time an enormous challenge for the Budapest Spring Festival to celebrate at the same time two such giants of universal music as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born 250 years ago, and Béla Bartók, who was born 125 years ago.

Barbara Moser and the "Philharmonic team"

One of the chamber music treats of the Spring Festival will be the performance by Barbara Moser and soloists of the Vienna Philharmonic. The young artist is one of the most sought-after pianists in Viennese concert halls.

Something we have only heard about

Polish theatre which has preserved its legendary reputation for decades, constantly renews itself and is steadily replenished by great figures at ease with both tradition and modernity, will be represented at this year's Budapest Spring Festival by two outstanding productions.

Polish days at the Budapest Spring Festival

The beginnings of our respect for Polish performing artists are lost in the mists of time - perhaps it started with Chopin, but as we come closer to the present we find that Hungarian concert halls always draw a full house for performances ranging from the greats of Polish contemporary music to jazz legends, and this is not simply a sign of the traditional Polish-Hungarian friendship. Polish artists have always experimented boldly in space and time and as a result they often play a leading role in Central European artistic trends: from applied graphics, through theatre performances, to music.

25th anniversary of the Budapest Spring Festival

We are celebrating an anniversary. The Budapest Spring Festival was launched a quarter of a century ago and since last year it has been officially classified in the top third of cultural festivals of international standing. This flattering classification was made by an independent professional body judging on the basis of strict principles, making its decision just as valuable as any prestigious award. It confirms that the series of events has fulfilled the hopes of its founders: with the attraction of a broad spectrum of the arts, an excellent selection of artists and works, a parade of world stars and young talents, it has made Budapest in early spring a popular destination for cultural tourism. In doing so it has enriched the image of Hungary with a new feature, providing a modern forum for the treasures of our national culture and the intellectual and artistic output of the rapidly changing world.

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