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Stag and Hen Parties in Budapest

Budapest as any other large city is capable of hosting a fun stag or hen party for locals and visitors but the responsibility is as much the party goers' to see that they have a safe and carefree time of it - rather than end up in trouble with locals or the local laws.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office came up with a short but essential list of pointers - repeated below - that will protect the sensible.

In addition to their list, we would like to offer the following suggestions:

- Bring with you, or hire locally, a couple of people who will remain sober and keep an eye on anyone who may take advantage of a group of intoxicated individuals; as well as keeping the intoxicated individuals in the group from breaking local law(s)

- This person should be in charge of passports, keys, valuable that you don't want to leave at the hotel.

- Consider hiring/organizing a private party where you and your group is not exposed to the 'mean streets'

- Is sight seeing or bar hopping a must for your group? Do it while you are sober (the sight seeing, that is) and/or hire a minibus to transport you.

In the long run the extra expenses you may incur in this way will pay for themselves with your safety and enjoyment.

Now the official list from the FCO:


Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice to those travelling abroad for stag and hen parties:

1. Don’t rely on one person to make the arrangements (know the facts for yourself)

2. Know your alcohol limit. Drinking can impair judgment, lead to accidents and increase your risk of becoming a victim of crime

3. Read up on your destination so that you have an idea of the geography

4. Know the local laws and customs, for example acceptable behaviour and alcohol laws

5. You may be going away for just a couple of days to Europe, but you will still need adequate medical and travel insurance before travelling

6. Remember to check that your passport is valid, in good condition and that the next of kin details are filled in. Take a photocopy and keep it with you

7. Keep the contact details of the nearest British consulate with you; they could prove invaluable in times of trouble

8. Safer travel advice for your destination is available from the FCO website or by phone from the FCO’s Travel Advice Unit on 0870 6060290

* * *

If you would like Budapest Resources to organize your party,
us with your details.

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