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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

An Appeal for Help

Since moving out to the country my life had changed in many ways. One is that my two, formerly indoor cats, are now happily roaming outdoors. We've inherited a third cat with the house and a fourth decided a year ago that he would like to stay.

But there are neighbors who feel differently about their pets, although I've not yet been able to understand why it is that they do have them, particularly why so many. There are so many houses where behind a fenced yard there are dogs chained up.
My next door neighbor is such a household. I've been tempted and even threatened to report them about the abuse their animals suffer. They have 3 dogs and had 4 cats. Two of the dogs are chained at all times, in all weather.

Considering this is countryside and I'm an outsider reporting them to the authorities may not be the ideal solution - for me or the dogs, if you understand what I'm trying to say. I've asked to adopt the two dogs and by the next day gossip made it through town about how insane the next door neighbor was trying to take their dogs away. Thinking about it, perhaps that would not be the best in any case as there is nothing would stop them from acquiring dogs again.

In review, keeping the interest of the dogs as a priority, I think that coming up with wood and building a house for the two of them would be the best solution all around.

The help I am asking for is to build a new and proper dog house, elevated enough and placed so it does not sink into the mud. It would also be nice to have a proper house for the dog in the back. The small black dog is not tied up so he can find shelter.

I'm no expert at this, but think that it should not be terribly expensive to buy enough wood for the two doghouses and if you've the time and talent to come help build it.

The village is 45 km from town, beautifully picturesque with lots of history and I'm offering a meal and wine for the good hearted carpenter.

The older dog is kept in the back and I used to feed and water him but that came to hard feelings of my going into their property not to visit them but their dog!! He's been surviving in those conditions for so long that emotionally the dog is wasted and now snaps at anyone approaching.

The dog in the photo is one of two puppies they've acquired a year ago. The other dog was taken by a daughter who had moved out on her own since then. When the grandmother died, her dog a small black animal, became the third in the household. It was at that time this poor dog was tied to the walnut tree where she's been since.

The "house" you see sinking into the mud had spaces in it to put your hand into. Before the first cold wave I've asked that they do something to block the holes and give the animal some protection from the freezing winds. They did on one side where it is visible from the street.

When the snow melted these photos were taken of this poor critter being in water 10 cm deep in some places and having no refuge anywhere.

Not sure if they are being fed or if so how much but there is no water dish visible anywhere where the dog can reach it. Because the dog was too skinny to be able to survive the winter I've been feeding her and the black dog since November (one large can of dog-food each day). This had put a crimp in my budget that is already tight with the 4 cats - but I'm willing to continue that out of pocket.

Anybody who is inclined and can afford to help with this doghouse project, it would be much appreciated.

Want to help? Use the Feedback feature at the upper left of the website. Thank you!!!

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