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"There are only two ways to live
your life. One is as if nothing is a miracle. The other is, as if everything is a miracle."

--Albert Einstein

About Us


Welcome to Boomer Adventure.
We are happily retired in Hungary
(part of the European Union)

This is not my first effort to reach out and help fellow travelers. The last one was more specifically to tourists and expats in a form of providing tips and resources for their stay/new life in Hungary through the Budapest Resources website.

The passage of time and changing circumstances helped this new site to evolve. By now, a little more settled, little more colorful and relaxed and hopefully bearing some wisdom.

Had the particular privilege to return to my roots. Not only to Hungary, which I thought would never happen since we left a Communist regime in 1956 to immigrate to the US. But I am back in the house I grew up in. Countryside, edge of town, end of a dead-end-street, tucked between two streams at the foot of a hill with historic designations.

In the front garden there are pine trees that were planted by my grandmother when the house was built for her and her girls after they've returned from the US in the 1920s. The trees are now better than twice the height of the house, the needles provide quite a bit of trash along with welcome shade.

Tha 'kitchen' garden in the back at one time fed two families - Grandmother, both her daughters and their family lived here - there were seven of us including children.

There was a separate yard for the animals were kept - raised chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits for food. Our job was mostly to pick greens for these animals during the warm months. I loved disappearing with a basket under my arms and just wonder the fields and enjoy the gently sloping, very beautiful terrain.

Having returned, initially it was to be only while the city apartment was gutted for remodeling, I realized that my two cats changed in character. No longer restricted to apartment/indoor living they came into their own, safely wondering around who knows how far. They always showed back up for mealtime.

Once the apartment was completed, I did not have the heart to take them back into 'prison'. Truth be told, I rather enjoyed the fact that once I got up from the computer the kitchen was not the only place to go - but a walk through the garden always produced new adventures and always something to do.

We stayed, adopted cats as we went along, took in a stray black lab. He found himself a girlfriend whom he brought home with a head injury. She healed and delivered two black puppies for us in a way of a 'thank you' The dogs now have new homes and this paradise is ruled by currently five cats - all of them spayed/neutered.

Life is peaceful here but never boring. There is spare time to use for helping others. So if you are thinking of retiring outside the USA, I would be happy to assist you with information, finding retirement property or rental as well as finding medical assistance.

You will also find under various tabs information about alternative health care - using herbs as our ancestors did for healing and maintenance of health. Using cosmetics from the kitchen and other information off the beaten path.

Get in touch if you would like to chat or find out how you too can find your corner of paradise.


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The following list of on-line cookie recipes was making the circuits a few years back in Christmas mailers. I was fascinated by it then and still am so I thought I would share it with those of you who love cookies.

Chill the milk and let's begin.