Budapest Young Professionals -- Statement of Purpose

The Budapest Young Professionals was founded to create a positive and exciting environment for expats and other English speaking professionals working/living in the Budapest area.

Membership in the Budapest Young Professionals is free. We would like to be Budapest's largest networking and socializing organization.

Most of our members are between ages 21 and 45. However, people who fall outside this age range are more than welcome at our events, (we are all young at heart).

Ideally, we will host at least one event each month, but if there is interest there will be more. Most people will come alone to the events, and we especially welcome those new to Budapest to join us. Always feel free to invite your friends and/or colleagues.

Planned events include cultural evenings, dinners, art openings, seminars, parties, balls and other functions. In organizing these events, our goal is to introduce Budapest's community of young professionals to new cultural and social experiences in a friendly and social setting.

Our members will receive e-mails regularly updating them about all our events. To be added to our free membership list and receive our e-mail updates, please click here.

If you have any questions or comments, please write. We love hearing from each and every one of you!

Look forward to seeing you soon!
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Click HERE for current programs.


A Big "THANK YOU" from BYP

The evening of February 16 was a pleasant, snow covered evening. Shortly after 6 p.m. the 'founding members' of the Budapest Young Professionals began to arrive at the restaurant.
All together we were 24 charming, international individuals who came out to meet one another and be willing to go on to plan future events together. If this evening is to be an example -- we will have some wonderful times ahead. I look forward to getting to know each of you better and to organize programs that will be interesting and fun.
I would like to say a big "thank you" to the management and staff of Zebrano's Restaurant of the Andrassy Hotel. They provided us with great service and even better cake AND very generously gave a beautiful long stemmed rose for the ladies. THANK YOU!
Look for future programs and feel free to propose an event at any time. Thank you for coming out and sharing your evening.
Mark your calendars for March 17 and we will celebrate St. Patrick's day together - becoming Irish for the day.


BYP - February Birthday Party


Wednesday, February 16, 2005
18:00 – 20:00
Hotel Andrassy
1063 Budapest,  Andrassy ut 111

Zebrano’s in the Andrassy Hotel will be our host for the first of what I hope to be a long line of scheduled activities held under the umbrella of the Budapest Young Professionals (BYP). These will be varied to make sure that if there is interest, there will be an activity - including inviting speakers on topics of interest, participation in sports, attending theater productions, or movies.

Come and meet new friends, find new activities and new activity partners.  Discover also the side of Budapest that the Hungarians know.  Bring your ideas of what activities you would like to see scheduled in the future.

Deadline for reservations is February 10th.  If you are celebrating a birthday in February, - make it known. The admission of 1,000HUF will be collected at the door (fee is to cover the cost of coffee/tea and cake).  While you are here, you may want to stay afterwards and enjoy a beautiful dinner at Zebrano’s. 

If you have any other questions - please feel free to ask. To register, please send your name, contact information, and the number of  people attending by e-mail to   We look forward to seeing you there.

BYP - Labor Day 2006 and more

Labor Day is celebrated in the United States on the first Monday in September. This year it will fall on Monday the 4th. Those of us expats living in Budapest as well as friends, family and colleagues are welcome to put on their summer whites one last time this season and come out to raise a glass with us.

We were generously welcomed by a new establishment just off Jokai Ter - The Kaledonia, Mozsar u. 9. We will begin gathering around 6:30 p.m. and go until...........OK, so for me that usually means around 8 p.m., but as always you are welcome to stay as long as you would like.

When I said 'new establishment' I was not kidding. This place is so new that we can't even say what there will be available on the menu, but I was promised that there will be something, even if it will be a choice of cold snacks. No RSVP needed for this event.

* * * * * * * *


As far as I know, there will be 5 of us going to Rome in February. If there are others of you, make yourselves known and congratulations.

Those of you who snoozed and didn't reserve in time, lost out this time. There will be other offers and we can certainly try again.

* * * * * * * *


Next Saturday, September 9, 2006 - I've decided to finally take action and go for a day trip to Lake Balaton by train. Destination will be Balatonfured, where there is a lovely shore with lots to see and do, a possibility to take a boat ride on the lake, eat drink and be merry - until it is time to come home.

    Train leaves Budapest Deli. p.u.

at 7:05 a.m. arriving in Balatonfured at 9:51 a.m. leaving plenty of time for frolic. First class tickets are 2,312 HUF, Second class 1,542HUF ONE WAY. Please note that prices of just about everything went up as of Sept. 1, so don't be surprised if they just forgot to change the website.

    Choices for the return are:

Leaving Balatonfured at 17:50 arriving in Bp at 20:33 OR leaving Balatonfured at 19:39, arriving at 21:58.

I would recommend purchasing your tickets in advance so we could simply head for the tracks* on the morning of the 9th. Best place to meet would be by the track* at 6:45 a.m......or sooner. If you've been on the Esztergom trip you would understand :)

*When you arrive to the Deli station on the morning of the trip, check the departure board to find which track.

* * * * * * * *

September 12 - BOWLING

September 16 - Hike in the Buda Hills and a Ride on the Children's Railroad

September 19 -
Photography Tips from an Expert, Stephen Spinder. If you were with us at the Iguana, you've met him.  If you have not, come and hear what makes a difference between a good and a great photograph; what makes a photo a piece of art.

September 26 - Make Up and Image Consultant Lyn de Gara will tell us how to improve our image by simple steps or experience a complete remake. Men and women are welcome.


BYP - Past Events


April 27 -- Health and Fitness Day.
[inline:2] Danubius Margitsziget Thermal will welcome members of the Budapest Young Professionals to enjoy the gym and spa facilities. Unfortunately, I was unable to arrange for a week-end visit, but we may begin to arrive early. BYP Members may arrive as early as 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 27. Bring clothes and shoes suitable for a gym and/or bathing suit and slippers. Towels, soap and hairdryers are provided. The well equipped gym is on the first floor with glass walls so you can enjoy the view while sweating to the beat. The spa area has 3 warm water pools and a swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms. This is a beautiful club and they are generously opening their doors to us for 1,500HUF (regular price per day is 5,500HUF) Reservations and pre-payment are required.


May 8 -- Day trip to the countryside. A visit to Bajna, Komarom megye - approximately 50 km from Budapest. We can visit the summer villa of the Sandor family (their renovated villa serves as the Hungarian Executive office on Castle hill), enjoy a good hike in fresh air, followed by a tasty meal at the Tat Csarda. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes; a water bottle would probably be handy to have along. Advanced reservations are required in order to know whether we need to hire a mini- or regular bus. (Price depends on the cost of transportation and the number of people attending.) Meal is NOT included.

May 21 -- Ocean Bar and Grill - Cooking Class.
Learn how to prepare seafood as the experts or just find new recipes. The chef will guide us through the preparation of a complete seafood lunch and then we may enjoy the fruit of the sea and our labors. Class begins at 10 a.m. A minimum of TEN people must be registered and prepaid in order to hold the event. Advance reservations and pre-payment. Price for the class and the lunch is:  4,000 HUF plus drinks.


-- day trip planned to Disznoko Winery in Tokaj. Watch for details.

June 19 -- Sunday Brunch at the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royale. The hotel received the honor of being the best hotel in Budapest in 2004 and now we can experience the reason why. Service, food, choices and decor are truly first class. Come with us and bring your friend(s) and/or family to this event. The wide array of offerings include a sushi buffet, salads, cheeses, breads, a number of hot entrees, soups, roasts, desserts, unlimited beverage consumption (champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks and coffee) and a wonderful live Gypsy trio accompanying the unforgettable meal. The offer is limited to the first 30 individuals who reserve. The brunch is regularly 5,800HUF. Management offered the special price to the Budapest Young professionals at 4,500HUF. Reservation and pre-payment required.

BYP Fall Brunch at the Mongolian Barbecue - Sept. 4


Budapest Young Professionals - Upcoming Events

There have been a lenghty pause during the summer, but that is about to change. First of all, As it is the middle of October, I would like to propose a Halloween Party. Still checking for locations (the Spoon is not having one this year), so if you hear of a place, feel free to suggest it. Otherwise check back for time and place.

As a regular weekly program an informal gathering will be instituted. Because I've been told that Friday night is not ideal for socials, perhaps rather than a weekly 'wrap-up' ours could be more of a 'preparation' for the week ahead and be held on Tuesday evenings. We can meet for a drink and small talk. I'm proposing Oktogon Grand Cafe, Tuesday, October 25 - beginning at 6:30.

* * * * *

Beginning on November 2, 2005 from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m., I am announcing something called the "executive session" for small groups of executives for a weekly meeting of self evaluation, goal setting and encouragement.

This opportunity is a sample of what Life Coaching can offer each of you and how it can add more power to you and your life.

The group will be kept small (5-6) for maximum comfort and attention, but if there is a need, I would be happy to add another evening to accomodate all those who are interested in participating.

Give yourself this gift, especially as we head into the holiday season when balancing personal and professional lives requires all the advantage we can muster.

Please reserve your space in advance for the executive sessions by e-mail.

While it would be beneficial to attend even one session, 3-4 would give you a better advantage.

Look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new members.

BYP Begins its Fourth Year


Greetings and Welcome Back!

Let's begin this new year, the fourth for Budapest Young Professionals, with two low key programs in January.

January 16th - we'll go discovering a new bar Suszter Inas [Cobbler Apprentice] located on the corner of Kolcsey and the Korut (across from Rakoczi Ter). The 4/6 tram has a stop right there. They have inexpensive eats and of course drinks. See you there at 7:30 p.m. Please RSVP

January 30th - "Do You Fondue? We do."
Getting our fourth year off to a warm and cozy start will meet over a fondue dinner at the Feher Boleny (Bank u. 5) at 7:30 p.m. with friends old and new. Come and join us. Please RSVP by Friday the 26th.

For February events CLICK HERE

BYP: First Gathering of 2007


The Suszter Inas was the place where we met on January 16th, kicking off the Fourth Year of Budapest Young Professionals. Thank all of the lovely people who came out to join us.


There was a comfortable turn-out of nine of us. It is always a pleasure to see new faces and there were two new members showing up tonight. Welcome Melinda and Zoltan - hope to see more of both of you.


We caught up on who was where during the holidays and made tentative plans for Valentine's Day.


Yes, it is a 'couple's thing' but let's be honest - not everyone of us is part of a couple and there is no reason to sit home alone wishing you were.


After a lively evening we made our way home. Looking forward to the next outing of a cozy fondue dinner. So stay tuned, make a suggestion or volunteer to organize an outing. Do something that benefits you and others!

See you next time.


For information for the January 30th outing CLICK HERE

BYP Start the Fall Season with Labor Day Brunch


Budapest Young Professionals

Fall 2005

Labor Day Brunch

Budapest Young Professionals start the season with a celebration of Labor Day with an all you can eat buffet in the garden of the Mongolian Barbecue on Sunday, September 4 from 12 noon. Buffet includes drinks and dessert. 5,000HUF including tips.

Please RSVP to

BYP Fall Brunch at the Mongolian Barbecue


On a beautiful late summer Sunday afternoon the Budapest Young Professionals gathered in the serene, enclosed courtyard of the Mongolian Barbecue under the canopies of ancient chestnut trees.

Five countries were represented at the table and in the dining room, a meat lovers paradise catered to our appetite. Trays and trays of marinated fish, chicken, turkey, pork, beef, mutton and even horse meat - ready to be grilled to perfection by the young men waiting behind the counter.

It was a lovely afternoon in a fine setting -- a wonderful opportunity to meet new members. If you've missed it, we look forward to seeing you next time.

**Unfortunately, there are still difficulties with adding photos, please bear with me.

Budapest Young Professionals - FAQ's

How do I become a BYP member?

Just sign up to join our email list by clicking
here. Once you join our email list, you are a member of the Budapest Young Professionals - in other words, you are a BYP!

Does membership cost anything?

No. Membership is free.

What is the age range the functions are geared for?

Most of our members are between ages 21 and 45. However, people who feel that they fall over this age range are more than welcome at our events, as long as they are young at heart.

Do you offer any events focused on the forty plus market?

If there will be enough people who are interested specifically in groups or group activities geared for this age group - we would certainly be willing to make it available.

Is BYP a Singles Organization?

While we will host regular events targeted specifically at singles, most of our events will be for both singles and couples. Events targeted specifically at singles will explicitly be labelled as such. These may include Progressive Parties, Profile Singles Dinners, Secret Admirers Dinners, and Lock and Key Parties.

I do not know any BYP members? Can I attend an event alone?

It is our goal to make functions comfortable even if you don't know anyone. If that is the case, feel free to tell us this when you check in, and we would be happy to introduce you around.

I have a venue or idea that I think would be good for a BYP event. How can I get the word about it out to you?

We are always looking for new and exciting venues and ideas for events. If you have any suggestions, please email them to us by clicking here.

What if I have other questions?

Please email them to us at or call us at 20.334.0356.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with the Budapest Young Professionals


St. Patrick’s Day
(Hungarian Style)

March 17, 2005       7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Western Sorozo
Corner of Szondi u. & Eotvos u. (Dist. VI.)
(One block behind the Raddison Beke Hotel)

 The Western Sorozo is a small, neighborhood bar that also serves lunch for the native populace.  That means good food, good portions, and good prices.  If there are at least 20 of us, they will close the place and allow us in as a private function. 

Instead of Irish stew we will have to “settle” for a hearty bowl of Gulyas.  If you know some Irish songs or jokes get ready and share them with us. Have a guitar and would like to play?  Want to bring cards? 
Care to invite friends, colleagues, spouse or significant other?

 Please feel free.  This will be a comfortable evening among friend.

Admission is 3,000HUF and that will include:  a bowl of Gulyas, 3 beers, mineral water and coffee.  Please make your reservations by e-mail.  Pre-payment will be required because dinners ordered will have to be paid for. 
Information for pre-payment will be sent with request for reservation.

Look forward to seeing friendly, familiar faces and meeting newcomers.

 The luck o’ the Irish to all of you!




Budapest Young Professionals, 20.334.0356

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Cooking Class at Ocean Bar & Grill


It was on a pleasant and sunny morning that we gathered at the Sea Catch eager to learn how to make new dishes of delicious seafood.


We were given a brief introduction of available seafood and its proper storage. We then entered into the kitchen where the chef was waiting for us.


It is a somewhat intimate feeling to be 'behind the scenes' and that is where we were. Seeing first hand the way the skilled hands of the chef took the raw material and transformed into a tasty and appealing dish that was later served to us.


While we attentively watched the preparation, our hard work was rewarded by a sample platter of piri-piri scallops. Tender and fragrant with a sauce that made the tongue dance.


After our instructions, we were seated at a lovely window side table to wait for our lunch to be prepared. It was a fun morning with a satisfying finish: a procession of delcious seafood dishes for us to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Hungary


One of the things I've been wanting to do on August 20th, was watch the fireworks from a boat on the Danube. This year it was exactly what we had done - the Budapest Young Professionals boarded the Nagymaros around 7:30 p.m. and our cruise began happily enough.

There were reports of possible rain for the evening but we all hoped that it would wait until after the fireworks. Initially, we were to anchor at 9:30 to watch the fireworks and be back at dock by 10.


As to be expected, everyone crowded into the uncovered back of the boat in anticipation of the fireworks. I did notice a couple of lighting bolts that lit the heavy clouds by that time and decided that they must have brought the time up to 9 p.m. to avoid the rain. Boats stopped and the fireworks began - breathtaking sight from so close!!


Curiosity got the best of me after a while and decided to venture to the back of the boat to get a better look - and just at that moment, a gust of wind began hit that literally took my breath away. Eyes closed, fighting for breath, bracing onto something along the way I was stunned. The next moment there was water pouring and so were screaming people pouring back into the boat. Crowd mentality had always been a frightening possibility for me and on a small scale I had to admit that this fear is justified. I could just imagine what was taking place on shore as the thousands that moments ago sat in awe moments ago along both banks of the Danube began to run for cover.


Eventually, the people calmed down and all of us moved downstairs into the glassed in portion of the boat, but the steam on the windows and the heavy rain made it impossible to see anything but the occasional colorful blur of the continuing fireworks. We were all OK and had no idea of the tragedy that had taken place elsewhere on the river - until the news this morning.

There was a boat collision on the water and three lives were lost as well as one person still missing. What we did see was the glassware and vendors goods turned to rubbish near Vigado square, tree branches (including a significant one that landed and crushed a vehicle) and window glass scattered.

All in all, weve had a good adventure and are very thankful that other than being wet, we were safe!! I can't make any promises about the weather, but I would hope that our day trip to Esztergom on September 2, will not be enriched with such an adventure.

Labor Day 2006


Thank you for coming out last night. A somewhat lighter turn out than last week - at least, while I was there - but a pleasant evening with new faces at the Kaledonia.


It is definitely a place I will be returning to again. They waited for us with a sign out front and a printed special menu for the BYP. I really felt special. The burger was delightful with lettuce, tomatoes and onions enough to keep it moist without ketchup. Unique Kaledonian addition perhaps, was the fried egg on top! Yummm! The freshly fried potatoe chips were also very tasty.


Future plans, for the fall or perhaps it will be winter by then, for the Kaledonia - is a room with a fireplace and couches where one can feel as though in a mountain cottage. Just what you want for the winter - a cozy corner to curl up with a friendly proprietor. Come on by and say hello to Patrick!

Sept. 2, 2006 - Day Trip by Hydrofoil to Esztergom

Dear Budapest Young Professionals!

We are scheduled to take a day trip to the beautiful city of Esztergom in the Danube bend on Saturday, September 2nd.

Hydrofoil boats take 1.5 hours to make the trip (departing at 9:30 a.m. Arriving at 11:30; on the return we arrive back at Budapest 18:45), theater seating although there is a concession stand to buy snacks and drinks. Price for the trip is 3,990 HUF round trip.

We should have ample time to have lunch upon arrival, walk up the hill to the basilica and see the view over the river into Slovakia. The old section of Esztergom is charming and have undergone lots of changes.

If you have not yet made your reservations, please do so in order to have your seat assured (there are 62 seats on the hydrofoil). We will pick up tickets on the morning of the sail. PLEASE BE PROMPT, meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Vigado ticket booth on the morning of Saturday morning, September 2, 2006.

Look forward to seeing you!

Sunday Brunch at the Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal


Lazy Sundays are always fun, but when you have a luxurious brunch to look forward to - well, it is splendid. Nine of us decided to parttake in this pleasure - the last spring function of the Budapest Young Professionals.


Difficult to make a choice among so many wonderful and beautiful food. In the end, we were diligent in finding what we all wanted and did not count calories for the time being.


In addition to the traditional Hungarian melodies, the musicians also played modern international numbers. The most popular still turned out to be the traditional - particularly the 'hopp, hopp, hopp' refrain.

It was a good season, and a wonderful finish - those of you who were with us, we look forward to seeing you again. Those of you who have not yet had a chance to come to a BYP function - we hope to meet you soon.

Upcoming Events - September 2006


September 2006

Below is the proposed program for September. The reason it is only proposed is that I wanted to get this out to you with an extraordinary opportunity/proposal which is time sensitive.  Time and venue for all events this month will be confirmed later.

WiZZ Air
is giving away airline seats - 200,000 of them to be precise. Tickets must be purchased between August 29 - September 4, 2006, but travel may take place between October 2006 and the end of March 2007.

It occurred to me that we could even travel as a group - Roma, Italia - February 14 - 21. Valentines Day in the Eternal City.  I was there this year and the weather was EXQUISITE and would like to go back again next year.  At these prices, there is no reason why not.  Would any of you like to join?  Make your reservations

Programs for September

September 4 - LABOR DAY  I was not able to convince anyone to host an honest to goodness pick-nick for us, but we can enjoy hot dogs and beer informally.  PLEASE  RSVP as venue is still not set and will depend on the number of people attending.

September 12 - BOWLING

September 16 - Hike in the Buda Hills and a Ride on the Children's Railroad

September 19 -
Photography Tips from an Expert, Stephen Spinder. If you were with us at the Iguana, you've met him.  If you have not, come and hear what makes a difference between a good and a great photograph; what makes a photo a piece of art.

September 26 - Make Up and Image Consultant Lyn de Gara will tell us how to improve our image by simple steps or experience a complete remake. Men and women are welcome.


Visit to Gul Baba's Grave in Buda


What looked like it may turn into a rainy day and spoil our plans, turned out perfectly. Six of us gathered by McDonalds on Sunday afternoon and with a bit of prompting took the bus up the hill just above our destination. (On the theory that it is easier to walk downhill than up.)

After taking in the view and figuring out what the admission charge was going to be, we've listened to a short but enthusiastic background of the shrine. For instance, I did not know that during Ramadan the faithful come to the shrine to pay homage as the only holy shrine on the old continent.

The tiles and bright hues, the peaceful and nicely maintained grounds made this a pleasant place to be. The gallery in the building next to it had an exhibit of Hungarian artists - but what was even more fun was the acoustics. Standing across the room I heard speech as if it were spoken directly in my ear.


The above picture could have been timed better, as we still sit by an empty table. An anticipating crowd waited for their 'white hot chocolate', tea, coffee or beer.

After a pleasant chat we began our descent on foot and took the tram back into the city. It was a pleasant outing and our luck held out with the rain.

I thank those who came and look forward to seeing many of you at our visit to the Labirinth on April 20th. See details, by clicking on upcoming events.