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Through our partners, we are able to offer you a complete range of services throughout Budapest and most of Hungary:

Services Offered:

  • Budapest Property Search Service
  • Property Management in Budapest
  • Mortgage Loans, Insurance and Legal Representation (R.E.)
  • Where to Buy
  • Vacation Rental
  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Rental
  • Lots
  • Commercial
  • Castles
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    Budapest is a lovely capital city divided into districts on both sides of the Danube. Each of these districts have their own characteristics, style and price range. It would be impossible to be thoroughly familiar with all - but in order to serve our clients, we've formed partnerships with real estate agencies throughout Budapest.

    Each of these offices are experts in their districts, familiar with the trends and properties. This is why we say, Budapest Resources is your one stop real estate service center. We have already found the real estate offices for you that are best suited to help you in the district(s) you are interested.

    Hungary had always been a country of trade, one of the first of the communist block countries to allow private enterprize, and is once again a gateway between Europe and the East, but now part of the EU.

    The many budget airlines operating in Europe it is only a matter of a couple of hours to reach. If you are considering vacation property - it can be utilized often. If investment property for rental, it is close enough to monitor (although Budapest resources offers Property Management services).

    Business and banking systems are not unlike other parts of Europe so it is also suitable for opening a branch office.

    Prices are rapidly catching up with the rest of the EU countries. Expect to pay between 650 - 4,000 Euros per square meter of property, depending on the location and contiditon of the property.

    Transfer taxes - up to the amount of 16,000Euros it is 2%, and 6% of the amount above that.

    Agent fees Vary between 3 - 4%. Buyer's agent who represent only the buyer may be retained and fees are by agreement.

    Attorney's Fees 1 - 2%. Chose an attorney familiar with the world beyond the borders and will also provide you with an English language contract as part of the services performed. If you don't, you may likely end up paying for a translation in order to understand your transaction.

    Hungary is becoming familiar with mortgages but the rates do not favor the foreign buyer.

    Unless you are intending to purchase producing land, as a foreigner you will have no problem purchasing real estate or building lot(s).

    Permissions are required of individuals, a relatively simple procedure that may take up to several months for a fee of approximately 250 Euros in application fee.

    Applications are scrutinized when an individual buyer wishes to purchase several properties. The reason is that while the city is fairly certain the prospective buyer will be renting them, it has no clear way to monitor it, thus potentially losing out on revenue.

    Perhaps the simplest way to do so is to form a small company. There are several types (Bt., Kft., Rt.) but if your only purpose is to be able to freely buy property a Bt . is quite sufficient.

    Setting up a Bt. is quick and inexpensinve. For the practical purpose of being able to purchase, you need only to have the documents prepared then submitted and a bank account opened. This can be done within 3 days even if there is a long week-end involved.

    Buyer's Agent/Search Agent
    How can you justify the extra expense of paying for a Buyer's agent? Easily. This is one expense that may save you money. Real estate agents by the definition of their compensation work for the seller - since it is the seller that pays their commission.

    When you hire an agent to represent you - the buyer - the agent will look out for your interest alone and present you ONLY with choices that would best suit your demands and situation.

    Being familiar with a city, the business trends and knowing what is available on the market is a complex issue. It takes time and effort to stay on top of it and if you don't have the time to do the research yourself - it is well worth it to hire someone to do it for you.

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    BudapestResources can help you through the entire process of selection and purchase of the home of your choice by negotiating the contract for you, providing an attorney (or choice of attorneys) who speak English, handling the paperwork, securing a mortgage if that is necessary, and connecting you with an insurance representatives to protect your property.

    Weather you are looking to purchase, rent, investment property, in need of property management for your existing property, or commercial purchase/rental, we welcome your inquiries.

    Please keep in mind that listings are a small sampling of available properties. We have access to ALL available properties in Budapest through association with other companies. We've saved the effort for you to have to look for other agencies by already having done it. For information on any of the properties, or additional requests, please call Julie or Zita at 20.334.0356 or e-mail us at

    Partial Listings of the Real Estate Gallery:

  • Vacation Rental
  • Residential Sales
  • Res. Rental
  • Lots
  • Commercial
  • Castles
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    General Terms and Conditions for Cooperating Real Estate Agents


    1. Scope of services offered by BudapestResources

    (Beginning: July 2007)

    1.1 The estate agent is entitled to offer property on the internet platform of BudapestResources. The layout of the presentation of the property offered is subject to the specifications of BudapestResources. The agent may choose between an individual order or a standing order to offer property on the BudapestResources internet platform.

    1.2 The agent need not do more than submit the information and photos of the property/properties (s)he wishes to list and BudapestResources will enter it on the website in corresponding format within 24 hours.

    1.3 The network is normally available 24 hours a day, however it is dependent on third parties‘ technical facilities, whose operation is not in the sphere of responsibility of BudapestResources. Thus, BudapestResources takes no responsibility for uninterrupted accessibility or for continuous availability of services as a whole.

    1.4 With a listing in the BudapestResources database, property of the agent is accessible to all affiliated sites of the BudapestResources network. BudapestResources fully intends to affiliate more partners to the BudapestResources network. Additionally, BudapestResources has the right to offer the listed property of the agent by other media (newspapers, mobile services, etc.). There are no additional charges to the agent for this service.

    1.5 BudapestResources offers its services on a monthly basis.

    2. Responsibilities of the estate agent

    2.1 The real estate agent is obligated to make certain that the details of the information provided in the listing are correct. Agent has the responsibility to correct any inaccurate statements as (s)he becomes aware of them and inform BudapestResources immediately.

    2.2 The estate agent must forward without delay all changes regarding the details supplied at registration to BudapestResources (

    2.3 The estate agent agrees to supply only accurate and correct data of each listed property, giving the minimum information, such as location, size and price of the property and especially the information according to clause 4 section 2. Property offered for sale, must have at least one representative photo of the property and a floor plan should additionally be provided.

    In presenting the property, the estate agent pledges to solely list pictures and graphics relating to the property. Particularly with regard to photos and floor plans, the enlistment of corporate logos, HTML-tags, Java-Script applications, domain names and the like is not permitted.

    BudapestResources reserves the right to remove individual property from the database, should there be justified reason to doubt the accuracy of information or danger of prospective clients being mislead or presentation of pictures which are not property-related. The estate agent has no rights resulting from such situation.

    2.4 Once the property has been sold or rented, the real estate agent must inform BudapestResources no later than 72 hours after the fact.

    2.5 The estate agent releases BudapestResources from any claims of third parties resulting from any breach through aforementioned activities. This includes any costs of litigation and due process.

    3. Settlement

    3.1 BudestResources will adjust its prices regularly and inform the real estate agent of such adjustments at least 6 weeks prior to its taking affect. The new prices are regarded as agreed, unless the real estate agent gives a written notice to terminate the contract at least 4 weeks prior to the price adjustment taking affect.

    3.2 For individual orders the estate agent may make payment through PayPal (Europe) or bank transfer.

    3.3 Invoices for standing orders will be sent by post.

    3.4 BudapestResources will invoice the respective monthly membership fee to the real estate agent at the beginning of the applicable month.

    3.5 Invoices are to be paid immediately without deductions. Interest on late payments is 5 percentage points above the base rate of the Hungarian National Bank.

    3.6 BudapestResources reserves the right to perform a credit check on its clients should it deem it necessary.

    4. Data Handling: Protection and Security

    4.1 BudapestResources and the real estate agent agree to observe data protection regulations.

    4.2 The real estate agent agrees to his data being collected, processed and used by BudapestResources within the scope of the specified purpose of the contract. Personal details are required for issuing of invoices. The estate agent has the option of enlisting his personal contact details to interested vendors.

    4.3 BudapestResources may disclose information on data to law enforcement agencies and courts of justice for the purpose of law enforcement in accordance with the applicable national law.

    4.4 Should there be actual documented indication of the services of BudapestResources being misused by real estate agents, BudapestResources would then be entitled to process, use and relay to third parties these estate agents‘ personal details.

    This right derives from BudapestResources' protection of prevailing interests in clarification of the facts regarding the misuse and in prosecution of the person responsible. It also applies beyond the end of use and storage where required for the clarification of facts.

    5. Notice of defects

    5.1 If the business relationship is a mutual trading transaction, the estate agent must examine the advertisement placed immediately after its first-time publication with regard to its accuracy and integrity and likewise report to BudapestResources immediately any possible defects.

    5.2 Obvious defects are to be reported immediately after first-time publication. In the case of examination or notice of defects not having been carried out in time, the property advertisement is regarded as approved to be free of defects.

    6. Blocking: extraordinary notice of cancellation

    6.1 BudapestResources may block property enlisted by the estate agent without prior notice if the estate agent does not attend to his duties to co-operate, in particular those listed under number 2, or falls behind with payment of the membership fee and permits a first reminder with appointment of a date to elapse without making payment.

    6.2 BudapestResources is entitled to extraordinary notice of cancellation for important reasons, in particular for misrepresentation by the real estate agent or if the real estate agent falls behind with payment of the membership fee and also permits a second reminder with appointment of a date to elapse without payment.

    7. Liability

    7.1 BudapestResources shall be liable to the estate agent in connection with performance of this contract only for cases of intent or gross negligence, with the exception of infringement on life, body or health and breach of essential contractual obligations. In a mutual trading transaction, BudapestResources' liability is limited to the predictable damage characteristic for the contract in case of slight negligence.

    7.2 BudapestResources assumes no liability to third parties, in particular to prospective clients, property buyers and tenants, for accuracy of details or proper performance of an act of sale, tenancy agreement or real estate agent’s contract, which is the result of an offer made to advertising that appeared on the platform of BudapestResources. Should claims be made against BudapestResources by third parties in connection with details supplied by the estate agent, the estate agent pledges to indemnify BudapestResources from these claims and all costs incurred as a consequence of their defense.

    8. Miscellaneous

    8.1 Should any provision of the membership contract or the general terms and conditions be held to be invalid, none of the remaining provisions of the contract and the terms and conditions shall be affected. The contracting parties pledge to agree on a valid provision which economically comes closest to the intended provision.

    8.2 In case of the real estate agent is a merchant the mutually agreed place of jurisdiction will be Budapest.

    8.3 BudapestResources reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for future dealings anytime.

    8.4 Opposing general terms and conditions of the real estate agent only apply if BudapestResources has accepted them in writing.

    8.5 The general terms and conditions also apply to all future dealings between BudapestResources and the real estate agent.

    Budapest Vacation Rentals


    Budapest Vacation Rentals are perfect for those who desire more comfort on their vacation than what a hotel room provides. Rent a Budapest apartment, not just any old place, but a well maintained, fully equipped home in the downtown area. Chose from a basic economy flat to a luxury apartment. Vacation rental apartment for your Budapest vacation will give you all the comforts of home.

    Holiday rentals allow you to have snacks on hand or the ability to prepare a quick sandwich or meal rather than going to look for a restaurant or money exchange.

    Sizes and locations of the apartments to suit your need and budget. Towels and linen are also provided and in most cases the apartments are equipped with a washing machine.

    Take a look at the sampling of vacation rental apartments listed below - more properties are available, so if you do not find what you need, please ask.

    If you need a limousine or a taxi to pick you up from or take you to the airport, or give you a private tour - let us know and we will arrange it for you.

    Contact us with your anticipated arrival date, number of people and price per night requirement. For availability or reservation, call us at (36) 70.347.4221 or write using the 'FEEDBACK' form or at


    VI - Oktogon -- 93 m2

    Large one bedroom, fully equipped and furnished apartment with high ceilings - located conveniently at the Oktogon on a quiet side street.
    Just steps away from all modes of public transportation, stores, restaurants, business center and theaters. Very bright with lots of windows and balcony off bedroom; separate dining room.

    Available for vacation or long term rental by owner
    2 people, minimum 2 nights @ $100/night.

















    From the airport terminals
    (Budapest Ferihegy 1, Ferihegy 2A, Ferihegy 2B):

    Public transport: Your best bet (most comfortable and efficient for the price) is the Airport Minibus (look for counter as you leave baggace claim).

    Bus number 200 to the terminus ('Kőbánya-Kispest' metro terminus), change to Metro 3 (blue line) to 'Ferenc körút' (7th stop) and change to tram number 4 or 6 to 'Oktogon' (6th stop). It takes approx. 1 hour. You'll need tickets for the public transport.

    From the Eastern ('Keleti') Railway Station:

    Metro 2 (red line) to 'Blaha Lujza Square' (1st stop) and change to tram number 4 or 6 to 'Oktogon' (3rd stop). approx. 20 minutes
    From the Western ('Nyugati') Railway Station:

    Tram number 4 or 6 to 'Oktogon' (1st stop), approx. 10 minutes from the Southern ('Déli') Railway Station:

    Metro 2 (red line) to 'Blaha Lujza Square' (4th stop) and change to tram number 4 or 6 to 'Oktogon' (3rd stop). approx. 20 minutes, from the International Bus Terminal 'Népliget':

    Metro 3 (blue line) to 'Ferenc körút' (3rd stop) and change to tram number 4 or 6 to 'Oktogon' (6th stop), approx. 30 minutes

    !12.jpg34.11 KB
    !13.jpg35.13 KB

    Most Expensive Streets for Budapest Real Estate


    The Top-10 list of most expensive streets to live in Budapest were compiled and published by the organizers of the National Horizon Real Estate Fair. Only one location, Vigado Ter (V. dist.) is in Pest, the other nine are located in Buda.

    Location and prices per square meter of the highest priced real estate in the city are as follows:

    -- Vigadó Tér (V. dist), 1,387,000 HUF
    -- Művész u. (XII. dist.), 947,000 HUF
    -- Ordas út (XII. dist.), 942,000 HUF

    Further, Minerva utca (XI. dist.), Lávay utca (II. dist.), Visszatérő utca (III. ker.), Szentháromság utca (I. ker.), Kalóz út (XII. ker.), Orbán tér (XII. ker.) and finallz Brassó utca (II. dist).

    Making the list as the least expensive streets in Budapest per square meter are:

    -- Gyár utca (XXII. dist.), 100,000 HUF
    -- Zsinór utca (XIII. dist.), 105,000 HUF
    -- Köér utca (X. dist.), 106,000 HUF

    Completing the least expensive streets for Budapest real estate are Váci út (IV. dist.), Marabu utca XVII dist.), Apoló utca (XV dist.), Kővirág utca (XVII. dist.), Tatárka utca (XXII. dist.), Tiszaörs utca (XVII. dist.) and finally Áron utca also in district XXII.

    If you are looking for a home or investment, be sure to contact We have a working relationship with real estate offices in each of the districts who will provide expert assistance to you.


    Ingatlanreferenseket keresünk Budapest és Pest megyei területekre.

    Referenseink feladata a működési területekről jelentkező tulajdonosok eladó vagy bérbeadó ingatlanjaira vonatkozó megbízási szerződések megkötése, az ingatlanok bemutatása és értékesítése. Referenseink jutalékos rendszerben dolgoznak, cégünkkel szerződéses formában.

    Elvárásaink: megbízhatóság, szakmai rátermettség, jó kommunikációs képesség, szorgalom, felhasználói szintű számítógépes ismeret, saját gépkocsi, mobiltelefon, egyszerű digitális fényképezőgép, a müködési területen lévő állandó lakhely és helyismeret.

    Előny: Saját számítógép internet-csatlakozással,
    társalgási szintű angol nyelvismeret.

    Ahol még keresünk üzletkötő kollégákat:
    V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. I. III.
    Budakeszi és környéke (Páty, Telki, Budajenő, Zsámbék),
    Budaörs, Törökbálint, Biatorbágy, Etyek.

    Jelentkezni Mester Julia cégvezető részére küldött
    fényképes bemutatkozással, önéletrajzzal
    a e-mail címen, vagy a 312-2029-es fax számon lehet.

    Kérjük, hogy a levél tartalmazza a jelentkező telefonos
    elérhetőségeit is, személyes beszélgetésre történő
    időpontegyeztetés céljából.
    Ha Önnek eladó, vagy bérbea

    Real Estate - Budapest Property Search Service

    Budapest Property Search Service

    Currently in Budapest there is a buyers market! So why would you want to hire a Property Search Service? Local knowledge, trends, ability to directly interact with owners are all the more reason to do so. A search service is much like hiring a Buyer's Agent who solely represents the needs of the buyer. (A real estate agent, if you think about it, works for the seller as it is the seller, who pays the agent's commission.)

    Our Property Search Service - will consider all available (private and agency) listings for the area the client is interested in and will select the properties that meet the criteria given by YOU, the client.

    This Service is provided to you for a one time fee of 2,500 Euros, payable upon signing the contract for the service.

    If you wish for us to represent you and negotiate a contract for any of the properties (act as a Buyer's Agent on your behalf) on the list we present to you, this may be done for an additional 1,000 Euros. This added service may be purchased at the time you receive the search results.

    You may contact us with the FEEDBACK form of the website.

    Please provide us with the following criteria in order to begin our search on your behalf:

    Register with us:

    If you will provide us with the information about you and your needs, we will be able to serve you better.

    Here is where you may begin:

    Rental Properties in Budapest

    Here is a sampling of rental properties in the downtown area of Budapest. Take a look at Newly built apartments fresh on the market.

    Let us make your move simpler by offering you our truly 'one-stop' agency service by helping you select, purchase and move into your new home. Contracts are available in both English and Hungarian, services of a qualified English speaking attorney, arrangements for a loan should you need it, and qualified movers to get you settled.

    We have a working relationship with agencies throughout Budapest and while you still remain our client we can refer you to qualified agents to help you in the specific districts that you are looking for.

    Your move to Budapest could be the most pleasant of all prior moves.

    For information and appointment, please call 20.334.0356.

    Executive Home on Donati u.

    [inline:1]Tucked into the Buda hillside beneath the Fisherman's Bastion with a great view of the Danube, this luxurious apartment (260 m2) or office is located in the penthouse of a recently built building with only 11 residences.
    Upstairs, there is a master bedroom suite and bath along with a study/office. The bath - also with a view of the Danube - has a Jacuzzi tub, sauna, double vanity, toilet and bidet.

    Lower level has a wide entry hall with many built in closets and cabinets. A large reception room and dining room with a real fireplace and a terrace with a splendid view.

    There is a gourmet, eat-in kitchen and pantry with windows to the Fisherman's Bastion. There are two full bedrooms and a full bath (with a corner tub and separate shower) on the main floor and a separate toilet in the hall. Lots of built-in storage (with mirrored doors) throughout the apartment. There are built in safe boxes in two of the bedrooms.

    Everything in this apartment is of first class quality and design. You will be proud to come home and receive your guest at this exclusive address.

    There are two spaces in the underground garage and a common recreation area in the garden.

    Partially furnished and available for long term rental within 30 days. 5,000 Euros/month negotiable.

    For information or an appointment to view the apartment, please call 20/334/0356.

    Donati1.JPG122.27 KB
    Donati.JPG151.41 KB

    Jokai utca -- Distr. VI --52 m2

    A modest but very conveniently located apartment for an individual or young couple.

    Third floor apartment close to Western Railway station and the Oktogon and all modes of public transportation, shops and business.

    Third floor, 2 rooms, kitchen and bath make up this 52 m2 furnished apartment.

    Available immediately for long term rental. 390 Euros/month plus utilities. Security deposit and two months rent due and payable at the time contract is signed.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call: 20.334.0356.

    GHA43.jpg6.2 KB

    Jozsef Attila u. -- Dist. V -- 81 m2

    Close to Deak Ter - center of business and transportation and just steps away from the Vaci utca.
    First floor apartment with windows to the street. 81 m2 are divided into two bedrooms, baths, American style kitchen and living area. Fully furnished and available immediately.
    550 Euros per month plus utilities. Security deposit and two months rental are due and payable at the time contract is signed.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call: 20.334.0356.

    GHA46.jpg4.42 KB
    GHA46a.jpg2.2 KB
    GHA46b.jpg4.23 KB

    Kiraly utca -- Dist. VII -- 104 m2

    Close to all modes of transportation, housed in a great corner building, just steps away from the pedestrian Liszt Ferenc ter and the Music Academy.
    Apartment is located on the first floor with windows facing the street and the courtyard.
    104 m2 apartment consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Newly remodeled, unfurnished apartment.
    Available immediately for long term rental for 800 EU/per month plus utilities. Security deposit plus two months rent are due and payable at the time agreement is signed.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call: 20.334.0356

    GHA30.JPG2.21 KB
    GHA30a.JPG2.04 KB
    GHA30b.JPG2.36 KB
    GHA30c.JPG1.84 KB

    Live Across from the Opera on Andrassy ut

    Great location, well maintained quiet building and a well appointed apartment on the top (3rd) floor. 83 m2 one bedroom, hall, full bath with washing machine, large living/dining room with lots of windows, kitchen and entry way.

    High ceilings, partially furnished, equipped with cable and internet connection. Apartment is available immediately for long term rental. 550 Euros/month plus utilities. Security deposit is required.

    Photos are available. For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call 20.334.0356.

    Live Close to the Parliament - Szalai utca

    68 m2 unfurnished apartment in a well maintained conveniently located building. One bedroom, living room, bath, eath-in kitchen and a super wide hallway that may be assigned for various functions.

    Unit is located on the 6th floor with a very private entry way. The area is part of the World Heritage site.

    Apartment is available immediately for long term rental. 120,000HUF/month plus utilities. Security deposit plus two months rent required at the time of signing a contract.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call 20.334.0356.

    Near Nyugati station - Dist. XIII -- 550 EU

    Beautiful and light, newly constructed, 57 sqm fully and tastefully furnished, one bedroom apartment available for rent in the central XIII district.
    24 hours security, common garden. Gym, dentist, hairdresser and other shops in the building.
    Built-in-kitchen fully equipped, washing machine, TV and stereo, metro 2 minutes away 1 stop from Nyugati station, 550,- EUR + utilities.
    Possibility to rent covered and guarded parking for an additional 100 EUR/month + common cost.

    For more information and an appointment to view the property, please contact (36) 20.334.0356 or write to

    Oktogon -- 93 m2 -- Remodeled, furnished 1 bedroom


    Wonderful bright, spacious one bedroom with high traditional ceilings - remodeled, fully furnished and equipped 1 bedroom. Ideally, suited for a couple. Living and bedroom faces street with large windows and small balcony.


    Separate dining room, large kitchen with built in cabinets and custom made counters for tall individuals.


    Conveniently located to all modes of transportation, quiet street one block back from the Oktogon. Convenience store next door, private clinic in building.


    Available for long term rental with two weeks notice. 500 Euros plus utilities.


    Information and/or scheduling a visiting to the apartment call 20.334.0356 or e-mail.

    Oktogon - Fully furnished and equipped 1 bedroom

    This third floor cosy, bright apartment located at the Oktogon crossroads of all transportation and convenience to business center and shopping is available fully furnished and equipped -- all you need to bring is your toothbrush.

    Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bath with windows facing the street. Furnishing is traditionally Hungarian and has all the comforts of home.

    Available immediately for long term rental. Security deposit and 2 months rent due upon signing contract. 130,000HUF/month plus utilities.

    For more information and appointment to view the apartment, please call 20.334.0356.

    Regi Posta utca - VI Dist. - 78 m2

    Regi Posta is the short street just off the pedestrian Vaci utca that McDonalds' is located on. Can't get any closer to 'being there'.
    Apartment is located on the third floor of a well maintained building from the 1800's. Windows face the inner courtyard keeping the apartment away from street noise.
    The 78 m2 consists of one bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and entrance hall with a separate toilet. Apartment is on the third floor. Building does have an elevator.
    800 Euros per month plus utilities. Apartment is available immediately for long term rental. Security deposit and two months rent is due and payable at the time contract is signed.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call: 20.334.0356.

    GHA10.jpg1.89 KB
    GHA10a.JPG5.61 KB
    GHA10b.JPG4.29 KB
    GHA10c.JPG5.26 KB

    Semmelweiss utca - GHA6a - 71 m2

    Located on a quiet street, just steps away from the Vaci pedestrian street.
    One of the old patina neighborhoods of Budapest's past. This apartment is a gem. Nicely remodeled, furnished, spacious 1 bedroom.
    Lots of built in storage space and even a galery for extra room or playroom. Lots of space, sunshine and a small balcony.
    Available immediately for long term rental. Monthly rent is 490 Euros plus utilities. Security deposit and two months rent is due at the time of signing the contract.

    For information and an appointment to view the apartment, please call 20.334.0356.

    GHA6a.JPG4.4 KB
    GHA6b.jpg4.52 KB
    GHA6c.JPG4.16 KB
    GHA6d.jpg4.37 KB

    Terez Krt -- Dist. VI -- 94 m2

    Center city location - close to all means of public transportation, business and shopping.
    Elegant and well maintained building. Apartment is located on the first floor.
    Windows face the street. 94 m2 consists of 3 rooms, bath kitchen and hall.
    Apartment was recently remodeled, it is tastefully furnished and available immediately for long term rental. 600 Euros per month plus utilities.
    Security deposit and two months rent is due and payable at the time contract is signed.

    For information and appointment to view the apartment, please call: 20.334.0356.

    GHA52.jpg9.98 KB
    GHA52a.jpg4.72 KB
    GHA52c.jpg4.02 KB
    GHA52d.jpg4.47 KB
    GHA52b.jpg4.99 KB

    SOLD - Top Floor, Bathed in Light - 6 room apartment for Sale (144 m2)


    Lovely, modern 144.m2, in VII District.


    Top floor (with lift) in quiet house, facing Almassy ter with sun all day and balcony overlooking the square.


    Remodeled to a quality finish throughout its 6 bright and airy rooms.


    For sale complete with Furnishing - you need only bring your clothes and toothbrush.


    It's central location also makes it a desirable rental property. Attractive, heat efficient, complete with a home office.

    Contact us or phone (20.334.0356) for an appointment to preview the property. Sale price: 215,000 Euros<>

    Where to Buy

    Services Offered:

  • Budapest Property Search Service
  • Property Management in Budapest
  • Partial Listings:
    Vacation, For Sale and Rental

  • Vacation Rental
  • Residential Sales
  • Residential Rental
  • Remember the old addage? The three most important things to consider when buying property: Location, Location, Location. It is the same in Budapest. Here is a brief summary of the most popular districts and those up and coming.

    With the central business district, main central shopping area and most universities in district 5 and 11 it is recommended that apartments for rental purposes be purchased in districts 1, 5, 6, 7, 11 or 13.

    For the purchase-refurbish-sell deal, the quickly developing districts 8 and 9 are also highly recommended. It is not enough however to go by districts, as the prestige of smaller neighborhoods greatly vary.

    Each of these areas is well serviced by tram, bus and an underground metro line and most, with the exception of district 1 and 11 are located on the Pest side of the Danube.

    The most desirable part of the city is the central District 5, followed by the rapidly developing western areas of District 6, which has undergone something of a renaissance in recent years, especially the streets near
    Andrassy ut. Other areas with investment potential include the central end of District 7 as well as parts of the rejuvenated District 9, particularly around Raday Street.

    The 6th district boasts the famous Andrassy Boulevard, Heroes' Square, the trendy Oktogon and Liszt Ferenc Squares with their cafes and restaurants, a favorite area among foreign tenants.

    The 7th district, the traditional Jewish Quarter behind the Great Synagogue, has seen tremendous investment recently, with buildings renovated rapidly and parks cleaned up beautifully.

    The 8th and 9th districts are where the universities are located with many foreign students who are looking for apartments to rent, especially along the blue metro line.

    The 9th and 13th districts have seen a lot of new development projects recently.

    The other side of the Danube (Buda) is best for buying land and developing, not so much for "second hand" apartments, although the 11th district in Buda resembles Pest the most in this respect.