Counseling or Life-Coaching, is there a Difference?



Life-Coaching is like counseling, but the term "Life-Coaching" implies a few changes to the counselling paradigm:

* In the minds of many people there is a stigma about counselling, it's like admitting there is something wrong with you. Those that are seeking counselling are usually seeking a solution to a problem. I can help you solve problems. However, I know there is nothing wrong with you, you just misunderstand how life works. Gain new knowledge and you will be able to resolve your inner conflict.

* The term "Life-Coaching" honors the unique talents and abilities you have as well as your inherent worth as a spiritual-human being. Much like the olympian you see with their coach on TV -- you may have respect for the coach, but it is the athlete that does the hard work that ultimately wins the race!

* You are the one in charge of this process. You sign up with your coach so that you have someone to push you harder than you might push yourself. Yet it is you who chooses the goal.

* Your coach is there to cheer you on, to help you fine tune your skills, to present the newest techniques that give you the edge over your competition. In this case your competition is the old limiting beliefs you hold. You will learn how to cut the competition right out of the race!

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