Life Coaching Services - Delivery Methods and Rates


As a vessel most easily sails into a calm harbor, I am committed to you achieving positive and lasting results, making your life a calm harbor able to receive. You will notice changes quickly, but it will take time and effort from both of us to make the changes second nature.

Individual sessions in person, by telephone or via online messenger/chat program (by prior appointment). I see my role as your mentor/helper to work towards health and wholeness on a mental, emotional and physical level using my skills and experiences and if necessary, in conjunction with the services of other service providers such as:

* Reflexology
* Massage
* Relaxation and Meditation

Single Coaching Session

You are welcome to use a one-time coaching session if you have something very specific that you would like to work on and you are sure that one session will be enough. A single telephone or personal coaching session costs €75 for one hour. This includes a comprehensive, personal summary of the session which is sent to you by e-mail within 48 hours.

Monthly Coaching Package

For a potentially more dramatic and long lasting result, consider a discounted monthly package at just €250 for 4 telephone/Skype sessions. Each session lasts up to an hour and includes a comprehensive e-mail summary which you will receive within 48 hours along with any relevant resources or reading/learning materials.

Telephone/Skype and Online Life-Coaching is often a better option for you.

When you receive counseling or life-coaching services in person you have to make an appointment, commute to the appointment and stay and pay for the whole hour. Unless you take detailed notes or record the session you are very likely to miss something that was said or forget some of the advise you paid good money for.

With the online version of this service when you need assistance you simply send an e-mail or make an appointment for a messenger chat. You can do this when you feel like it and when you have time. Your issue may only require a quarter of an hour of time and that is all you should have to pay for.

Because online coaching is done in writing you can go back and re-read it and be sure you have not missed anything. This is a very important benefit to you because when you are asking a question you are often not in the place to receive the answer. You are in the place of having a problem and although you are seeking a solution, you often just want someone to hear you and be understanding.

We often use the telephone or do sessions via online chat. For this you will need to make an appointment, but you still only pay for the time you use. Due to its real-time interactive nature this option can quicken the process of getting the answers and guidance you need. I keep a log of these sessions so you can go back and refer to them again.

-- Assignments - You will be given assignments to complete and turn in via email. I will comment on them via email.

-- My energy and attention. This is a very personal service and I spend time sending you encouragement and guidance of how best to assist you in becoming all that you can be.

Please Note: I would rather over-deliver services to you and see you succeed than have to refund your money or have my reputation tarnished.

For further information, or to arrange a complimentary coaching call, then feel free to contact me here or by telephone on + 36 70.347.4221.

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There is More Left in the Tube

Our biggest breakthroughs often occur when
we think there's nothing left in our tube. By Jeff Keller

When I shave each morning, I use shaving cream that comes out of a small "travel size" aerosol can. The can is only about three inches high. I'd been using that little can for several weeks, when I realized the can was getting very light. I immediately thought, "Can't be much more left in here." I was just about to throw it in the wastebasket when I figured I could eke out another shave or two.

Much to my amazement, the shaving cream kept coming out day after day after day. I ended up getting 19 more shaves from that little dispenser! And to think that I was just about to throw the can away.

I'm sure you've experienced the same thing with a tube of toothpaste or shampoo. It looks like the tube is just about empty, but you keep folding the tube and squeezing — and you get days or weeks of extra use from the supposedly empty tube.

There's a lesson here for all of us. We work toward a goal and sometimes get frustrating results for a long time. Things aren't working out as we had anticipated. We think there's not much left in "our tube," and we give some thought to quitting. The reality is that we have a lot more left in the tube, if we'll only continue to believe in ourselves and keep moving forward.

In fact, our biggest breakthroughs often occur when we think there's nothing left in our tube. You see, there's a polarity to life, and when you experience setbacks and disappointments, these are often balanced by significant achievements. Yet most people quit before the "turnaround" happens.


"The boy who is going to make a great man...
must not make up his mind not merely to overcome
a thousand obstacles, but to win in spite of a thousand defeats."
~~ Theodore Roosevelt