Budapest Young Professionals - Ready to Roll

How many times have you asked yourself: "What should I/we do tonight? Where should I/we go for New Years Eve? Is there anything exciting going on this weekend?"

Well, look no further! Budapest Young Professionals (BYP) offers you the experience.  We hope to become the premiere organization for socializing and networking with fellow young professionals. Membership is FREE, and our goal is to produce original events that enrich your social and cultural experiences while enabling you to meet other young professionals in a friendly environment.

From black tie galas to embassy affairs, informational seminars to outdoor adventure, nightclub parties to exotic weekend getaways, combining years of experience in travel with dynamic imagination to provide something for every young (at heart) professional.

So, whether you're looking for new friends, new business contacts, or a potential soul mate, (BYP) brings together the best people and places Budapest has to offer.

Register by e-mail:

The first scheduled event will be on February 18, 2005 with a birthday party theme for all those celebrating their birthdays in February. This will be a regular theme event each month in addition to other programs throughout the month.

In coming months there are plans to invite speakers, schedule walks to interestings sights in town, unique restaurants to be discovered (perhaps we could even do a review), trips to wine cellars, spas, bowling, movies, exhibits....

For current information, watch the community calendar notice in the Budapest Sun.

For information and/or reservation, please contact us at: 20-334-0356 or write to

Thank you for joining Budapest Young Professionals


Your e-mail address was added to our mailing list. We appreciate your faith in us and do not share our lists with anyone for any purpose.

You will be receiving mailings about special events as they are scheduled but our regular meetings are on the second TUESDAY of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the KIADO KOCSMA on Jokai Ter.

This is a downstairs British Pub where the food is good, drinks are full strength and the atmosphere is pretty low key. Come and meet other expats and let us meet you.


BYP - BOWLING resources

1. Duna Plaza Bowling klub (Gyönygyösi utca metro station on the blue line)
Price: 3000 HUF/hour
Nice big place, many bowling lanes, good quality. I think it's a restaurant too.

2. Zöld Angyal Pub (Béke tér, on the line of the tram 14 leaving from Lehel tér metro station of the blue line)
Price: 2300 HUF/hour
Two lanes in the basement

3. Mammut Bowling Club (in Mammut 2, Szénási tér, close to Moszkva tér on red metro line)
Price: 750 HUF/game/person (+ 160 HUF/shoe/night)

4. Westend Bowling Club (next to the Nyugati train station)
Price: 750 HUF/game/person (+ 160 HUF/shoe/night)

BYP - February Events


First of all Happy Valentines Day to all of you. Be sure to celebrate it with someone special (be it romantic or otherwise).

The programs this month will be spaced a bit odd due to the fact that we'll be off celebrating in the Eternal City. Some of you will be coming along and personally, I can hardly wait!!

February 8 - 7:30 p.m. a friendly and informal get together in the newly opened upstairs facility of the KIADO Kocsma (Jokai Ter 3) If there will be enough of you to RSVP I'll reserve the gallery for us.

February 27 - Please mark on your calendar as a very special evening. Corporate Coach Tamas Boer agreed to come and do a presentation for us. The topic will be Motivation. What better way to shed the dark winter mood and prepare us for spring. (By the end of February enough new year's resolutions had been broken that we can all benefit.)

Anyone interested is welcome to attend, handouts will be provided. Please RSVP in order to assure comfortable space for all of us. Kaledonia Bar and Restaurant (Mozsar u. 9 just around the corner from Jokai Ter).

Plan to arrive by 7 so orders may be taken and delivered and presentation will start at 7:30. (If you find you will be late, you might want to consider joining the next time so all can benefit of the entire presentation without disturbance.)

BYP - October 2006 Activities


Friday the 13th Despite the fact that we usually meet on Tuesdays, let's MAKE it a 'good luck' day to close the week. Let's meet for dinner at the Kaledonia 7:00 p.m. on Mozsar utca (that's the short street connecting Jokai Ter to Nagymezo u.) The place is new, friendly, comfortable and their menu is good. The chicken ceasar is equally pleasing to the eye and the palate. RSVP if you plan to attend

Tuesday, 17th Our member Ana had taken the initiative and organized a dinner for us at the Mosselen Belga Restaurant (Mosselen Belga Etterem - Pannonia u. 14, near Nyugati) If you need further directions and want to see the menu, take a look at their website.

Because the restaurant is very popular we would need to know the number planning to attend ASAP and ask that you RSVP if you plan to attend The place is informal or business casual and
prices are moderate. See you on the 17th at 6:30 p.m. at the Mosselem.

Look forward to seeing you for Friday the 13th and the dinner on the 17th. More programs for October will follow.

BYP Last Minute Plans


Anyone interested in going to the cinema on Saturday to see A Good Year Here is the plot outline:

A British investment broker inherits his uncle's chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold.

Cinema: Szindbád
XIII. Szent István krt. 16.
Phone: 349-2773
(How to get there: Tram 4, 6 or M3 to Nyugati pu)

The film starts at 8.30 pm but we could meet at 7.00 pm for a coffee. I have not been to this cinema before, but most Art cinemas have a cafe attached. If not, there are several nice places in the area. Anyhow, let's meet in the foyer at 7.00 pm.

RSVP if you are planning to attend so we can look for you. For the first timers - just look for a group of jolly moviegoers.

BYP at the Iguana, August 29, 2006


Let's visit Margaritaville (a.k.a. The Iguana on Zoltan u at 6:30 p.m..)
next Tuesday, August 29. If you are planning to attend, please
RSVP so a table can be reserved and we can sit comfortably, hopefully outside if weather permits.

This is probably one of the last opportunities to enjoy outdoor entertainment this year - so let's do. Most of you are familiar with the Iguana (my apologies to 'you know who' who probably sees it too often  :)  and know that their food is as good as their Margaritas.

Let me hear from you and come on out next Tuesday.

Feher Boleny - Fondue Dinner - January 30th






Don't forget to check out activities for February.

Friday the 13th - Enjoy!

The Budapest Young Professionals are defying the odds and meeting for dinner and drinks on the terrace of the cozy neighborhood spot of TimeOut on the corner of Tuzolto u. and Liliom u. in the 9th district.

Meeting time is 6:30 p.m. - come hungry, bring a friend(s) and plan to have a good time. Prices are right, portions are large, the place is very friendly - and on Friday the 13th that is especially good news.

Come and join us - let's make it a 'good luck' party to start the week-end.

Halloween Party

There is just enough time between now and then for you to chose your costume. So don't forget to mark your calendar for

A Halloween Party on October 31st, 2007
starting at 9 p.m.
Location: Club Help
(1082 Budapest, Baross u. 30.)

Budapest Young Professionals (BYP) will be joining the fun folks at Funzine ENTRY is FREE - Costume is Required Please let us know if you are going, so we'll know to look for you or you can look for us. Another reason to make yourself known is that FunZine made BYP guest a special offer. Don't miss out!!

Latest Programs


January 13, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. is the first meeting of Budapest Young Professionals in the new year. The restaurant serves cheese, meat and dessert fondue for a fixed price. Visit their site (Hungarian only, sorry) for the address. They are centrally located in the 5th district by Arany Janos Square off of Bajcsy-Zsilinszky.

As always, feel free to invite friends and/or colleagues. Seating is limited so please RSVP your desire to attend by January 10 to

Come with ideas for programs for the coming months. This is your club so help design the programs. Look forward to seeing you on the 13th.

March 2007 - Upcoming BYP Programs


March 5, 2007 - Newcomer's Coffee of the IWC is being held in the InterContinental Hotel, 10 a.m. for the ladies. Meet newcomers to Budapest while enjoying a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. Following the meeting, at 12 noon, there will be a short lesson on digital photography and the use of Photoshop. Both the coffee and the presentation are free.

March 8, 2007 is Women's Day and the Budapest Chapter of the International Women's Club Association is hosting a party to celebrate women entitled "International Girl's Night Out". The party is held at the WestEnd Hilton FOR WOMEN ONLY! Tickets are 4,000HUF and available only in limited numbers. It includes an international buffet, open bar with wine, beer and special "girly cocktails" Raffles and entertainment color the evening. For tickets, phone Kata Kara or Virag Nobik at 288.5551

March 14, 2007 Two years had gone by since the opening of the Palace of the Arts and on its anniversary there will be open/free programs all day at the Palace. Come alone or bring friends.


March 17, 2007 Saturday is St. Patrick's Day again! - yes, in Hungary. No need to fear you'll miss the opportunity to raise a glass. We will be doing so at the Irish Cat Pub (Muzeum Krt. 41 - metro and tram #47/49 stop at Kalvin Ter). We have a table reserved for 6-8 so please RSVP in order to comfortably accommodate all prospective celebrants.

March 28, 2007 This Wednesday will be a day for lovers of red wine. The House of Hungarian Wines in the Castle District is having a tasting beginning at 6 p.m. of wines from Cabarnet sauvignon franc and other fine members of the Cabarnet family of wines. Reservation is a must - tickets are 5,000HUF per person.

April 7-8, 2007 Cesaria Evora returns to Budapest for a spring concert. The BYP will attend on Saturday the 7th of April. Ticket and further information click here.

Nancy Fagan on Romance: Let's Meet There

Series of articles by Nancy Fagan, M.S.,

A woman can never be too safe, especially when she is meeting an attractive stranger for a first date. The smart choice--meeting in a public place--is not always the decision women make, but should.

The next time you offer your home address to a new man, consider the following reasons not to:

Safety: A new man is really someone you know nothing about. Until you get to know him, public meetings offer a cushion of safety that being alone in your house with him does not.

Alcohol: People vary in their view of drinking and driving. it's not a good idea to put your life in the hands of a man who might drink one too many before he drives you home. When you drive yourself, you are in charge of how much alcohol is consumed before you get in the car at the end of the date.

How Long the Date Lasts: Nothing is worse than a date that drags on too long. Meeting your date puts you in control of your arrival and, especially, your departure times.

You Don't Have to Clean: Why clean when you don't have to? If you invite a date to your house, you're more likely to feel the need to clean up before he arrives. On the other hand, if you meet him elsewhere, there is no need to spend unnecessary time cleaning.

Sex: As it is, the pressure of sex comes too soon for most people. The temptation to progress to intimacy becomes more likely if a man drives you home. An innocent walk to the door can easily turn into premature sex.

All hoties are not alike--protect yourself by keeping your home address private. That way, if he turns out to be a creep, you won't have to fret over who is knocking on your door each time your bell rings.

Sex and the City: the Movie

So much has been said about this movie and as with everything else, some people will like it and others will not. Even the day the Budapest Young Professionals were to go see it, a friend tried to sway me to see a play instead because she heard that this movie did not live up to expectations.

Other than the fact that I was obligated, I wanted to see the movie. Missed Carrie and the girls, the clothes and sights of New York. Besides, I wanted to know 'what happened' to the girls in the past four years - which is when the film picks up the storyline.

Surprisingly nothing much changes there, yet life had not stood still for the foursome. The clothes are still spectacular and because I would like to see them again, now I want the DVD.

The story line was surprisingly NOT predictable and would you believe it, there is even a favorite line from the movie. Much like the thing I remember forever about Out of Africa was the utterly intimate scene where Robert Redford washes the hair of Meryl Streep, this movie will always be when responding to Big's question about the diamond engagement ring Carrie gushes 'no, just give me a really big closet.'

Take care of yourselves ladies, we are not likely to see a sequel (or are we). We would like to think of you as the cheerful, one-for-all, all-for-one kind of friends who can come through the pin-turns of life with a smile.

Call it corny, turn your nose or file it away as a really romantic moment and comedy as I did. See the movie for yourself so you won't have to take my or anyone else' word for how good or bad it was.