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--Albert Einstein

Strudel - Dessert or Light Meal


One of the traditional foods in Hungary is the Strudel or as it is known here - retes.

In my childhood it was grandmother and later mother who stretched the paper thin dough around the table. During the summer it was filled with a variety of fruits from the garden: apple, cherries, sour cherries. But the old favorite dessert strudel for me is poppy seed. There is cottage cheese and the latter can be combined well with fruits. Only the available material and taste limit the varieties.

Mostly it is served as dessert but there are savory varieties and my adult palate prefers the fried cabbage version generously seasoned with black pepper.

Rather than all the talk, let's get to the essentials. In the central city there is a cafe that specializes in this noble tradition. If your family no longer makes it at home and you have a taste for it; if you are visiting and have never tried it before you have the perfect opportunity to visit The Első Pesti Rétesház Cafe & Restaurant.

The cafe offers 14 varieties of this delight and you may have it with coffee or wine. If you liked it, take home a box or for a late night snack in your hotel.

Here are the particulars:

Address: Október 6. utca 22., (District 5) Budapest 1051
Opening Hours: 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. daily

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The following list of on-line cookie recipes was making the circuits a few years back in Christmas mailers. I was fascinated by it then and still am so I thought I would share it with those of you who love cookies.

Chill the milk and let's begin.